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I'm not the best with expressing myself with words but here it goes. Lol
I need to deeply thank you for the amazing guidance and support you, and the reading you gave me, has given me. It was amazing to watch it all unfold and come to light. Just beautiful and peaceful. You truly have a heart-felt gift. An Earth Angel you are.
Thank you!
Pam B.
March 10, 2016
Mystic Island, NJ

Today Cynthia did a reading for me and hit it right on the spot. Guided me and was full of positive words to help me. Short and simple but did so much. Thank you for sharing your special gift to help me.  Much blessings.
Angel R.
January 12, 2016
Lake Elsinore, CA

I have not really had very many tarot cards readings before, but something pulled me to seek out Cynthia's reading. There is something very honest, trustworthy, and sincere about her. I am not a skeptic, but not someone who regularly seeks psychic readings. Within minutes of my reading, I was amazed by Cynthia's gift. Her very first comments were so accurate that I had goosebumps! She went on to give me wonderful advice and spiritual insights. I also should mention that the reading was done by phone and we have never met in person. Although I would love to meet her in person some day! If you are looking for someone with true psychic gifts who also genuinely cares and takes her time to address all your needs and questions, Cynthia would be the one to turn to. Many, many thanks to you, Cynthia for such a positive and beautiful experience!
Jane G.
December 7, 2015

West Orange, NJ

Cynthia did a reading for me as there was much confusion and lack of harmony going on within my family/situation.   Cynthia has never spoken to or even has any idea about my husband or the situation we are going through.  The reading that was done for me, resonated greatly and was very very accurate.  I did not give Cynthia any information, nor did she ask me questions - in fact it was the other way around, but at the end of the reading. I completely forgot to ask an important question, but that was because I was very surprised and quite in awe of Cynthia's insight into my husband and situation.  I without a shadow of a doubt, not only recommend Cynthia, but would also say that people NEED to have a reading done by her!  Now that I am at the end of this, I will admit to be a skeptic, but after this reading, I am very much believing in Cynthia and her ability.  Thank you Cynthia, you're amazing. xxx
Ann W.
December 6, 2015

Dorset, England

Cynthia Fiore has brought clarity and reassurance to my doubts that kept banging away at me, and her reading was very accurate but gentle and understanding too. I am sure where I stand now. Thank you, Cynthia
Rowbel Seth
October 22, 2015

Thank you again, Cynthia. I'm sitting at the mechanics thinking about what you said. Everything was so accurate and helpful for where I'm at. Very glad I dropped in. All the best to you,
October 14, 2015
San Diego, CA

Cynthia's reading was a blessing to me and it resonated so deeply with me. Card after card her reading spoke volumes about many areas of my life. Shortly after her reading many wonderful things started unfolding into my life, and I owe that to Cynthia as being a messenger to all the endless possibilities when one lives with love and positivity. Her reading truly opened new doors for me and unlocked so much in me. I adore her!

I highly recommend Cynthia as she is point on and the real thing."  She truly has an amazing gift , do yourself a favor and contact her for readings. " hugs xoxoxo
October 14, 2015
Ontario, Canada

I recently had my first reading from Cynthia and have to say that she was most helpful. Her insights and the information shared was right on and led me to think in a new direction for a project. I am grateful and hope to engage her services again the future. Very satisfied.
Thanks again
Don Brown
September 30, 2015

I had my second reading with Cynthia and once again she was spot on! Her insight and accuracy is amazing, and I highly recommend her to friends and family. I will continue my readings with her, and always look forward to them.
Kim Thomas
September 30, 2015

Cynthia provided my reading with such insightful accuracy. Her reading I would say 100 % did resonate with me.  Even without voicing out my questions or fears, her reading addressed the very issues that were there on my mind. I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances through her thoughtful explanations. Cynthia I really appreciated the audio files :) it gives me a chance to revisit the details of my readings.  I acknowledge that Cynthia is truly gifted, she is very psychic and has divine ability. I am truly grateful and appreciate her intuitive gift.z
Love and light ,
Ruth Stephan Padwal
October 1, 2015

I was lost looking for guidance and asked this lady about my future and the reading I got was spot on. It took a couple of years but it all fell into place. I was skeptical at first but this has just blown me away.
Steven B.
Western Australia

I was feeling lost and very depressed about my life and where it was going. Unemployed and broke, I had no idea what my next step should be. Cynthia helped me understand the bigger picture of the events taking place in my life, helped me get out of my head and back into my heart and gave me the clarity I needed. She was the answer to my prayer! Can’t recommend her enough! Her reading was spot on.
Daphane Waggle

I would just like to share that I see Cynthia at least every other month. She has been 'on point' on every major life event, present and future. She was able to show me that my current relationship was coming to an end. I was in denial about it but I knew the current problems we were having were tearing us apart. She was able to see two new men come into my life and was able to describe them! One being rich and flashy that I needed to basically run from or avoid the second one was a male co-worker.  Well two days after my reading with Cynthia, I met the rich flashy guy who was handsome, retired and flashy. I knew it was him as soon as he drove in his Porsche and told me he was retired. The reason I needed to run or avoid him was because he turned out to be a perverted man. (Of course I had to see for myself because he seemed too good to be true). Cynthia was able to tell me that I would get the job career that I wanted, a month before I got the job. She told me I would be certified with my job in April. This is before I was even scheduled to attend the training. Now I am going for certification starting this Monday.  Surprisingly she told me I would get a promotion, I thought that would be impossible since I just started my new job two months ago. My boss had enough faith and trust in me that she is having me fill the position of a job that is five positions higher then the one I'm in!  And I can officially apply for the position as soon as it goes online. By seeing Cynthia regularly it really helps me to see my life more clearly. She truly has a gift of intuition and a heart of gold.  Thank You, Cynthia
Natalie Mar

Thank you Cythina! For your sincere and insightful visions. You helped bring some issues into more light, helped me peer into the future and shed light on possibilities.
Gary A.

Cynthia has been a blessing in my life. I met her back in August when I was in a deep depression from losing a new love in my life in a tragic accident. Her intuitive gift and reading revealed so much to me that it brought tears of joy and healing in my life. I seen her again three months later in which again her reading was confirmation of the all the positive changes taking place in my life and the lessons I must embrace to grow into the beautiful woman I was meant to be. Thank You Cynthia I can’t wait to see you again very soon.
Natalie R
Fallbrook, CA

Thank you Cynthia for a beautiful and amazingly accurate reading. Cynthia told me things about  myself, that helped me to see myself as others see me. The reading helped me to see my options in dealing with a situation in my life, which has brought clarity and forward motion. If you are looking for answers, Cynthia can help you find them. She is a blessing in the work that she does. Thank you!
Lou Ann B.
Nebraska, USA

I want to thank Cynthia Fiore of Sun Moon Stars Tarot in which her reading has been able to make me understand alot of things in my life and because of her reading it is time to make  changes in my way of thinking and most definitely I am going to use her reading  as my guide.
Leslie V.
Puerto Rico

Thank you, Cynthia, for such a thoughtful, inspiriting and spiritually guided Tarot Reading last night. Your reading was very insightful and gave me the motivation I need to seek my truer, higher self by letting go of ego and focusing on nurturing my soul. As the complexities of the world around us grow and confuse, your reading and interpretation brought clarity into my life that has given me pause to think, reflect, meditate and take actions to move toward a more mature me.
With Love,
East Greenbush, NY

Wow. I have read tarot for over twenty years and have encountered many tarot readers throughout my life.   Never have I witnessed such an innate talent and intuition in a reader as I have found with Cynthia.
Do not miss your chance to get a reading from Cynthia, for once the cat is out-of-the-bag, there will be a HUGE waiting list.   Jump on this opportunity and get a reading today!
Thank you Cynthia for your beautiful service and all of the amazing insights that come forward through your work.  Please keep it up!
Cedar Branches
Washington State

My first meeting and tarot reading by Cynthia left a great memory for me, a great friend of mine introduced me to her. She was talking so clearly and I could see how she is getting those all from the universe,  very beautiful, peaceful tarot really, I am so happy that I met this wonderful woman and I really recommend to visit her closely if it's possible for you, as I drove two and half hours to see her, lovely Cynthia thank you so much for wonderful reading and magical energy, you have a great gift and must be very proud of you. I love you and I wish you many blessings and pray that all your wishes come true . God bless you always.
With Love
Gohar, Gh
Los Angeles, CA

I've never had tarot card reading so I didn't know what to expect. Cynthia not only made it easy to understand but she was very patient at answering all my questions. I couldn't believe how she described me without ever meeting me. I was so impressed with her gift of wisdom from the universe. She helped me to understand and give me clarity in what direction my life is going. She has helped me greatly. I will definitely stay in contact with her.
Donnellyn H

I recently had a reading with Cynthia. The best part is the relief that I felt when we were done. The message the universe gave me was priceless. Cynthia knew exactly what was going on in my life and the changes that were coming. She helped me to decide what road to travel in the future and made me feel so good about what was coming. The accuracy was amazing. This is my 3rd reading with her and I plan to continue them. What a blessing she is and what an amazing gift she brings to people. I highly recommend talking to her.  Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gift with me. Blessings and all my gratitude to you.
Lubbock, Texas

I had my first reading today with Cynthia by phone and it was amazing.  She touched on three big concerns going  on in my life and was spot on with all of them.  She offered great advise and was so kind and helpful.  The fact that we are in two different states was not even an issue, I felt like I was in the same room with her.  I will definitely get a reading from her again and recommend her to friends and family!  I felt a connection with her, like she is a old friend.
Kim Thomas

Cynthia has helped me thru alot always spot on, even the world of wisdom helped me in my day and night of need and I still go back now years later . Thank you
Laura B.
Northampton, UK

Cynthia is one of the most powerful readers today. She gets me right every time, which always amazing me, even on the phone!!
She is a wonderfully kind, gifted, talented authentic women who has been chosen to help guide us on this journey we call life.
I highly recommend a reading with her.

Kathie Morris-Mathieu
Fallbrook, CA

I just got off the phone with Cynthia for our first reading.  She is amazing with her talent and she was spot on with picking up all that is and has been going on with me!  The guidance she gave as well is so valuable and give my word to heed by it!  She didn’t ask any questions and didn’t want me to tell her anything about myself before the reading!!  She is truly gifted!!  And I’m blessed to have come across her path!  Her kindness is beyond words and she has the most beautiful energy that leaves you on a high!  I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone!  Tonight was my first call and will not be my last!!  Many Blessings!!
Debora M.

I love that you can do readings from anywhere! We had a session over personal message on facebook, and it rocked! I prayed this morning to be shown what I am unwilling to look at, and your reading revealed it. I had a sneaking suspicion it was what you told me about, but your reading gave me that extra little nudge and reassurance that I needed to get my butt into gear and make some changes. I can see, had i continued on the way I have been, that things would not be very happy for me down the road. I am super grateful that I decided to ask you for guidance! I have always enjoyed interacting with you as a person as well. You are great! :)

Rebecca G
Sedona, AZ

It has been used by mages and sages since very early in human civilisation.
Many ways to work those tools of wisdom.
I met with Cynthia due to common interests, not knowing her skills.
First reading I received had everything to do with the "now" I was into at that moment... great insight.
Obviously everyone might get a Tarot reading once in a while, I myself strongly recommend Cynthia's readings, which can easily become a monthly routine in my humble opinion.
Thank you for your friendship starsister, we shall share again soon.

Patrick René
Montréal, Québec, Canada

SunMoonStars is right on!!! what a wonderful way to view your life with the experience of an open mind!!! she has shown me how to transform my life and let go of things that were drowning me, so that I could rise to my highest level of myself. thank you so much for all your efforts and expertise! <3 much love to you and your clients!!

Caroline Maultsby
Wilmimgton NC USA

Cynthia's readings gave me clarity on various situations in my path, accurate, well executed and clear elements are portrayed in Cynthia's work. Not only has she provided readings for me she has always provided guided advice on how to manifest my hopes and dreams. Fabulous lady who's become a lovely friend. I highly recommended her services.


I met Cynthia thru sheer luck, I was fortunate enough to receive a free tarot reading of hers that I somehow or other had ended up winning! Pretty lucky considering I live in NY and she's based out of California. That was well over 6 mos ago. She asked that I give her nothing but my name- absolutely nothing else. The next day she sent me a rather loooong e-mail that went into great detail about people, places & things about forth coming events that I needed to be aware about & how best to prepare myself for these changes and make the most of these opportunities. She made the people easy to identify by their gender, a physical characteristic, their work & often also their zodiac sign so that it was almost impossible not to identify them in my world. I found her reading to be always positive, encouraging but most of all highly accurate; especially now with hindsight being what it is. Most of what she has said has come to pass or I am in the midst of. Which considering the rest of what she told me gives me great encouragement for the rest of what is yet to be! Cynthia's demeanor is also that of one who is truly caring of her clients and wishes to see them advance on their own path...she is 'gifted' enough to know that she can only evolve as fast as her clients hence why she takes such good care of them. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Leslie Cruguet
east norwich

If you are in need of guidance or clarity of issues in your life, I would highly recommend a tarot reading by Cynthia. I volunteered to endorse her skills as I can't say enough positive things about her gifts. I was a complete skeptic until I watched Cynthia evolve through Spirit. In receiving numerous tarot readings, I have come to the realization that the Universe does provide answers through the cards. Cynthia's approach is fresh and the accuracy of her readings is fueled by the intuition of a very kind and very old soul.

Scott F.
California, USA

Cynthia is an impressive reader who always has pertinent advice to offer -- she is able to see into the heart of the matter when I often can't. I highly recommend!

Denise Hoitt
Manchester NH USA

I feel very fortunate to have met Cynthia on Facebook. She has helped me gain numerous insights into my life and has always left me feeling uplifted and more peaceful as a result of her readings. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some assistance.

Marty A
Calgary, AB, CAN

Cyn is a dear friend of mine and she offered me a reading not too long ago, which was by far the best thing I have had done in a LONG time! I was going through a pretty rough period in my life and I am now a completely different person, things are falling into place for me and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend everyone get a reading from her!!!! :)


May I also add , this was a free reading this lovely woman has done for me , and asked me to tell her nothing at all , about 20 minutes later I received a tarrot reading which was spot on and answerd everything I needed to know , you keep up this fantastic work and give yourself a big pat on the back <3 xxxxx


Hello :) I just received a tarot reading from Cynthia and it was a fantastic experience!! We had no communication beforehand, yet what she said resonated deeply with me! I keep re-reading what she wrote to me and I already can't wait for another reading!!! Thanks again Cynthia, I'm so glad the Universe had us cross paths :) xoxox

Julie E.
Québec, Canada

This is one talented reader! I still can't for the life of me believe how accurate it is! I have no idea how you knew what my situation was, only very few people know. It's incredible, I'm completely baffled! I sent the reading to my girlfriend as she is familiar with the situation and she's wants a reading as well! I have sent her your info! Thanks so much, I will come to you for more readings in the future. Thank You Cynthia!!

Wendy Kirkland
Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada

I have been getting readings all my life and i have to say Cynthias readings have been dead-on!!!!! It is so nice when you can actually resonate with a psychic intuitive. Sunmoonstar Tarot is the real deal!!!!!!!!Love and Light!

Belen,NM USA

Cynthia has been doing Tarot readings for me for almost a year and she is always right on with the details and is skilled and has vast knowledge of the Tarot which is refreshing. When I request a reading its usually very important, and I depend on Cynthia's accuracy, intuition and her knowledge of the cards."

Stephanie A
Salt Lake City, UT

I had a wonderful reading from Cynthia......And boy was i amazed by what she told me.....Cynthia was 100% right with everything she told and more.
I would reccomend you have a reading done by Cynthia and then you will see how amazing she is,I would have another reading done in the near future
as Cynthia has blown me away.....
Thank you so much Cynthia.....Love and blessings...xxx

Joan Long
Southern Ireland

Thanks for the readings, they were so accurate and very helpful, much love!

Ann Pappas
Cape Town, South Africa

I was desperately trying to look for a tarot reader on Facebook. I came across Cynthia's page & instantly felt a connection with her. She happily accepted my friend request. She did a reading for me on more than three occasions and she has always been bang on. It's amazing!! She was able to interpret my state of mind so accurately through her readings. She not only does the reading but also shares her views and guidance. I am so fortunate to find a friend in her, she has a knack of lifting your spirits whenever you are low. Her wisdom and guidance has helped me change my point of view towards life. It's strange how you connect with people from so far away, people who are complete strangers but still you feel as if you have known them all your life.

One thing I can surely vouch for.....Cynthia's persona, her psychic abilities, her intuition, knowledge of her cards and the clarity in her readings makes you turn to her every time you need to clear the clouds in your mind. I know that I have a friend just an email away or a Skype away who will have a perfect tarot reading for me. I would highly recommend her!!! <3

Ruth Stephen Padwal
Mumbai, India

:: Cynthia Fiore :: is my Guardian Angel!!

Her insights has saved me a lot of misery ! I hated my self ,lost in the past and wandered as a soulless person in the present.. She found me , wandering in need of help!

Ever since , my life's energy has seem to be routed in a proper direction with a purpose . Her readings are astonishingly accurate . It felt like as she has known me from the moment I was born.

My struggle to regain what was lost was possible only for her wisdom and readings that guided me and that too like a divine intervention.

My best moments
:: " Dear one...do not be sad...do not give up hope...."::

"If you live believing that you learn how to transform your life.
We choose emotions....choose happy....do your best and watch how life flows more positively ...

Let go of the past as it creates depression.
Be the bigger person and move forward with kindness. You will learn in time that blessings follow lessons.

~Cynthia Fiore~.

Humbled by your Wisdom . Mridu Powan Gogoi.

Mridu Powan Gogoi

Thank you for a wonderful reading! Very informative, accurate and helpful. I feel more hopeful for the future!

John C
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

I am very thankful we connected today in a special moment of my life your counsel or reading really opened my eyes to really think positive n expect miracles as I creating new reality. You are very wise n gifted I openly recommend othefs to trust you as you nail right on my situation. With love n gratitud grace xo

Grace Mayo
Dallas, tx

Cynthia is such a blessing to this world. She intuitively knew I needed clarity in one part of my life. She took time out of her busy day to give me peace of mind.

Her reading was spot on. There was a truth to it that resonated with me.

Thank you Cynthia!

Stephanie Platz
San Antonio, Texas, USA

I recently had a reading with Cynthia. The best part is the relief that I felt when we were done. The message the universe gave me was priceless. She knew exactly what I needed to hear and was so accurate about so many things going on in my life. What a blessing she is and what an amazing gift she brings to people. I highly recommend talking to her. She will be a regular reader for me if I could be so lucky to have her. Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gift with me. Blessings and all my gratitude to you.

Lubbock, Texas, USA

The situational reading you gave me about what I need to do in order find love was very informative and enlightening. Completely spot on with issues I've been dealing with and what I need to do in order to begin overcoming past traumas and hang-ups. I've never been too sure about Tarot in the past, but this reading combined with another reading from a friend a while back has done much to solidify in my own mind the awesome insights which can be gained through this practice. I would definitely recommend your service to friends <3

Casa Grande, Arizona, USA

Never having had a tarot reading before, I was not as much skeptical as naive in regards to what to expect from my telephone reading with Cynthia.
Her nature was warm, friendly and inviting and within minutes she had me feeling at ease. She explained the process and then each card, giving me both the card interpretation and also how it fit within my situation and the other cards. I felt that the reading was both accurate and intuitive and also gave me things to consider in how I proceed in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a reading with Cynthia to my family or friends. :)

San Jose, CA, USA

Before Cynthia, I had never experienced a tarot reading. With nothing but the movies as reference of what to expect , I went into it thinking , "This should be interesting, maybe even fun and if she happens to be right about a couple of things that will just be a plus." Wow was I in for a treat! Not knowing anything about me and never meeting me, she was spot on with things that happened and thing that are going on now. She validated alot of my recent contemplations and shined light on which direction I should head and not only that but she was honest about me being my own obstacle ( totally true btw) and what perspective I should enter my situation in. My business was one of the main topics. She confirm to me that one of my recent decisions (going back to school , again she didnt know what decision that was) will create a foundation for my diming business and bring it back to its previous lust and much much more. She made me excited for the future and gave me motivation into not letting my business go. I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to talk and experience Cynthia at her expertise. I feel recharged and ready for the next chapter in my life and thats all to a great thanks to Cynthia and her gift.

San Jose, CA USA

I had a reading with Cynthia last night. I went into it with a heavy heart thinking nothing could solve this issue. She started out right on the money with what I was suffering with and between her and Spirit I came away with knowing what to do that would be best for all. I will continue to consult her in the future because when I finished I had a new perspective on things and feel so much lighter. Thank you Cynthia for your amazing gift to connect with Spriit through the cards so we can get the answers we need.

Carol Velasquez
Sugar Land, Texas

What a wonderful experience! I had an amazing and informational reading with Cynthia. She surely has a gift! I am thankful to have had this opportunity and will be contacting her regularly in the future. As many do, I had a list, both mental and on paper of some of the topics I was hoping to gain a little insight on. Nope! Cynthia, the cards, the Universe had another message for me. Another situation needed my attention. I was quite surprised at the direction the reading went but it certainly makes sense as there is unresolved business and a lesson for me to learn before this situation will truly come to a close. I feel I gained a confirmation of some things I suspected but most importantly Cynthia provided information that brought clarity. I am so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to the next. This reading was such a treat....a cupcake for the soul!
All the best!

Quincy, IL

Have you ever had a feeling that someone was coming into your life at precisely the time you needed them? Well this is what has happened to me! The Universe placed Cynthia Fiore in my path at just the right time! Her ability to shine "LIGHT" upon a situation is amazing. This was my first reading and I am so impressed!!! Cynthia truly has a gift that she has so generously shares with those around her. I love that she was dead on with no real background knowledge of me or my situation, bringing clarity and light. Thank you Cynthia! This was truly an unexpected gift!

Theresa (Theri) Wedemeyer
Pasadena, MD USA

I have had the privilege of communicating with Cynthia now for several months and in that time not only has she accurately predicted upcoming events of my life, but she has gently guided me through several difficult times in my life. Each time never telling me what to do but allowing me to choose my own path explaining consequences and outcomes and letting me know that tarot is only the beginning...that to truly see the results I desire and hope for I too must put in some work and a bit of soul searching. Work that at times has proved easy and at other times has caused me to stumble and each time Cynthia was there with words of encouragement. Her work is validated not only in the tangible things that have come to pass but in the myriad of ways my life has changed for the better since crossing paths with her and changing my view of the universe. She's like the little GPS to the universe! You don't have to follow the beeps and signals and turns...but who wants to wander around lost when you can ask for directions?

Leslie Cruguet
east norwich, NY, USA